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Customizing the Open House Sign In Experience
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Creating "Appointment Only" Open House Viewings or Private Showing Windows
Creating "Appointment Only" Open House Viewings or Private Showing Windows

Our QR code and microsite features make it simple to add scheduling functionality so your Open House can be safer and more efficient.

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What is an "Appointment Only" Open House?

There are many users of our software running "appointment only" Open Houses and there are a lot of reasons why you

This alternative to the typical "let loose the floodgates Open House" is popular when you want to:

A) manage the number of people on the property at any one time either for safety, hygiene, or preventing damage/misuse of the property.

B) collect information about visitors before they enter the property

How to set up an "Appointment Only" Open House

There are a lot of ways to make this happen and some of it depends on the tool you're using to set the appointment. In this tutorial, we use calendly but any other calendar tool can be used.

1. Create a Listing and Listing Microsite. Here's a tutorial to create the listing microsite
2. Once you've set that up you can save a QR code for that microsite and share it in this menu within My Listings:

3. When you choose to "Share Listing" you'll see an option to "Copy Listing URL with sign-in overlay". Select that option and use that URL when sharing with potential attendees. Btw this is the same page that the QR code will open to so you can use that QR code in your physical marketing (ex: flyers or postcards)

NOTE: if you want to print your QR code here's a quick tutorial on how to do that.

4. Lastly you want to set up the follow up so your Calendly "schedule appointment link" is sent to those who register. That's done by adding your Calendly URL in one of your follow up texts for the corresponding listing. Here's a tutorial on setting up the follow up text.

5. Now you're all set to share your physical marketing (with QR code) and digital marketing (using that Listing URL with sign-in overlay) with your audience so they can book an appointment to view the property.

Other Variations of the "Appointment Only" Open House

  • Private Showing Windows: this is very similar to the "Appointment Only" Open House but you're not specifying just one day or weekend when the listing will be available to view. You can still use a calendly link but most agents may prefer to use a link to their showing app in their text follow up step to let the prospect pick a time that works for a showing.

  • The "Wait List" Open House: require visitors to sign-in when they arrive and you can let them in when their turn arrives. This can be done by printing the QR code and posting it at the front entrance/door. You get notified of each new visitor so you can either let them in, text them info about their wait time, etc.

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