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Adding Book Creator to your LMS
Adding Book Creator to your LMS

Connect Book Creator to Schoology, Blackboard and other Learning Management Systems

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Book Creator can be integrated with your LMS using the Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) protocol. Once configured teachers and students can launch Book Creator from your LMS without needing to create an account or sign in. This enables single sign-on (SSO).

Canvas and Schoology users should read the articles linked below. For all other Learning Management Systems read on.

Step 1. Get your LTI configuration from the Admin Dashboard

First you will need a school or district subscription to Book Creator with access to the Admin Dashboard. Visit and choose LMS Integration from the left hand menu. Then generate a Key and Secret which you'll need for your LMS.

Step 2. Configure your LMS

Using the LTI configuration available above, Book Creator can be added to your LMS as an external tool. We support LTI 1.0 which means all major systems can integrate with Book Creator, including Schoology, Blackboard, Sakai, Moodle and D2L.

Please note we require your integration to send a user's name and email so that we can match with any accounts that already exist in Book Creator.

For the best creation experience we recommend always opening Book Creator in a new tab. Displaying it in a smaller frame within the LMS can make content creation more difficult for students.

Frequently asked questions

What will happen if some of my teachers or students already have Book Creator accounts?

This is fully supported. We will match an account using email address and all of their books and libraries will be available to them. They can also continue to sign in with their original method (Google, Office 365 etc) alongside a LMS sign in.

Can teachers sign in through our LMS without a paid Book Creator licenses?

Yes, you can make Book Creator available to all your teachers through your LMS. If no Book Creator license is available for them in the Admin Dashboard we will automatically assign them the free version of Book Creator.

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