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Is Book Creator available in different languages?
Is Book Creator available in different languages?

Yes, Book Creator has been translated into multiple languages

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We have localized Book Creator for certain languages, although there is a slightly different set of languages available depending on whether you're using the iPad app or the online app.

Book Creator online

The languages available for Book Creator online are:

  • English

  • Danish

  • Dutch

  • Finnish

  • French

  • German

  • Italian

  • Japanese

  • Norwegian

  • Spanish

  • Swedish

Book Creator will be translated automatically if your browser is set to any of the languages above.

**December 2022 new update**

You can change the language using our new language picker. To do this, click on your avatar and select the 'edit account' option. You'll see a language box which will give you a drop-down menu where you can select which language you want to use Book Creator in. Select the language you want and click on 'save changes'.

Book Creator for iPad

The languages available in Book Creator for iPad are: 

Once you set the language for your whole iPad, Book Creator will then display in that language (as long as it is one of those above).

Setting your iPad language

Go to iPad Settings > General > Language & Region. Here you can change the main language for your iPad.

If the main language you use for your iPad is not a language that Book Creator has been translated into (for example Swedish, Danish, Norwegian) then Book Creator will use the next language on the list that it supports. 

Under the section which says Preferred Language Order, you can add a language, or change the order by tapping Edit on the top right.

So, in the example below, the iPad is set to Swedish (Svenska). But Book Creator isn't translated into Swedish, so it will choose the next available language in the list - which in this case is German (Deutsch).

If I wanted Book Creator to display in English instead, I would tap Edit and move English to the top of the list.

Other language options in Book Creator

Book Creator online does have the option of speech to text in 120 different languages, as well as having your book read to you in multiple languages (depending on which device you're using). 

Student examples and resources

If you're interested in seeing example books in various languages, plus other language learning resources, check out our language resource library. We also have a dedicated library of student examples in French and in Spanish.

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