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How do students make books?
How do students make books?

The 3 main ways that students create in Book Creator

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So, you've set up a library, successfully invited your students to join the library, and now they are ready to make books.

Students will have one of the three options at this point.

  1. Create their own book.

  2. Copy a teacher's book so they can work on their own version.

  3. Work on a book that multiple students are collaborating on.

1. Create their own book

This is simply a matter of clicking the New Book button in the toolbar.

If students see this button is greyed out, this means you have turned off the library setting that allows students to edit their own books. You'll need to toggle that on to allow students to create a new book.

Do your students need help with making a book? Watch our video tutorial for students, or take a look at our article on making your first book.

2. Use an assigned book

Another common scenario is that the teacher has made a book that they want students to all work on. You can assign the book to all the students in the library, or specific students, and they will automatically get their own editable copy of the book when they next visit the library.

3. Collaborating

In the third option, which is available on the premium plan, the student can work on the same book as other students because collaboration is turned on for the book. All the students can enter the book without needing to make a copy, and will see each others changes as they happen.

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