Inviting students to join your library

Wondering how to add students to your library? Here's how to get a code for your students to join your library and start making books

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Each library has a unique code that your students will use to join your library.

Click on Show invite code to generate your code:

Once you've got your library code then your students can sign in as follows:

  1. Students sign in as a student at We support Google, Microsoft, Clever and Classlink student accounts, as well as single sign on from Learning Management Systems such as Canvas and Schoology. If your students don't have any of these accounts you can also set up student logins within Book Creator for easy sign in using a link or a QR code. These are perfect for younger students who don't yet have a school email.

  2. Once they've signed in, they'll be prompted to enter your library code. They'll type it in, click GO and then they'll be added to your library.ย 

  3. If you use QR codes or login links, students won't need to enter the library code themselves, they just scan the QR code or link and they'll go straight into your library.

Trying out the student experience

The simplest way to try out the student experience is to create a pretend student login for yourself. Perhaps add yourself as a student and append "(student)" to your name, then grab the login link and sign in as that student.

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With your students added to your library you have a few options for how to get them creating. Read the article below for a quick overview of the choices:


I can't find the code for my library

If you don't see the link to show the invite code at the top of the library, this could be for 2 possible reasons:

  1. You're in your private My Books section. You can check if the library's name is called My Books. This library is just for you and can't be shared with anyone else.

  2. Or, you might be in another teacher's library. Go to the Teacher Dashboard and check if you are the owner or if it's a library you joined.

Expiring the code

If you need to expire the class code or manage the students that have joined, see Managing your library.

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