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Embedding a Book Creator book in another Book Creator book!
Embedding a Book Creator book in another Book Creator book!

It may sound strange, but it is possible

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The idea of embedding one book inside another is a bit of an odd one. But we've used it to great effect many times in our series Using Book Creator in the Classroom, to demonstrate example books or student work to illustrate a point. You might use it to showcase student work, or maybe you're creating some sort of Inception-style "Choose Your Own Adventure" book?!

You can use the standard method for embedding content for this, and the process would look like this:

That works fine, but I'm actually going to show you a neat trick here that is a lot quicker! Once you've published the book, open up the book in a new tab so you have the link. Now you can actually just drag that URL from that tab to the next and then directly onto your page in Book Creator!

Here's what that looks like:

Note, this method also works for published libraries. If you struggle with this method it works well enough to copy the URL, then paste it in where you would normally add the embed code (Media > Import > Embed).

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