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Complete Visits or Checklists with the Visit App
Complete Visits or Checklists with the Visit App

How to utilize Elevate GO's Visit App to fill out and complete checklists or visits.

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Elevate GO's Visit App is an easy-to-use, mobile-friendly tool to allow users to perform dynamic field visits or store-based checklists.

Below, we are going to go over how to find checklists or visit programs to fill out and where to begin completing them.

STEP 1: Visit from any web-enabled device and log in. Or visit and click Visit App Login.
​STEP 2: You will be shown the following options: Start a New Visit, Continue a Saved Visit or Visit Schedule.

  • Start a New Visit: Start a brand new visit (or Checklist) for one of your locations.

  • Continue a Saved Visit: Continue a Checklist that you have previously saved. You will be presented with your saved checklists or saved visits to complete.

  • Visit Schedule: View the Checklists or Visits you have scheduled or you can schedule additional Checklists/Visits.

STEP 3: Click Start a New Visit
​STEP 4: Find the Program Checklist/Visit you would like to start and click Start. An example of a Program Checklist you might see is "Opening Checklists". An example of a Visit Program you might see is "May 2024 Store Visits".

STEP 5: After selecting your Visit Program or Checklist, you will be presented with the locations you can perform a visit for.

  • For Dealer Users, your available locations are assigned to you by your location's admin and are presented in order of proximity to your current location.

  • For Carrier and Company Users, your available locations are assigned to you based on IPOP data and are presented in order of proximity to your current location. This makes the assumption that the location you are standing in is the location you are performing a review for.

​You can narrow down your list of locations by using the search bar at the top of the screen or the checkboxes below it.

When you find your store, click Start.

STEP 6: Answer the set of questions. For a guide to question types and tips for answering questions, click here.
​STEP 7: Click Submit Visit to finish the Checklist/Visit. You can also click Save and Exit if you would like to save this visit to complete/submit at a later time.

Tips for Submitting Visits:

  • If you are in an area without an Internet connection, you will still be able to start a Checklist/Visit, but your Checklist may not submit until you pick up the Internet again. This will happen automatically as your device gets a signal.

  • For certain types of visits, GPS location services are enabled and the proximity to the location of the visit will be recorded.

  • If you need to Save a visit where you have uploaded images, these images will not save with the rest of the answers and you will need to re-upload them when you resume the visit.

Need help with any of the steps above? Our team is here! Give us a call at 877-839-8777, email us at

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