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Take an in-depth look at photo related questions from all your interactions.

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Photos help tell the story of a location and whether proper procedures are taking place or ones that need improvement. A picture is worth a thousand words, and that is why using photo-based questions can be invaluable to your visits or checklists, especially when you cannot be there in person. The photos report can give you that look into your locations from those checklists or visit interactions. We'll give you a brief overview of how to start using it today.

Top Uses for the Photos Report:

  1. Easily spot outliers: Since you can see all photoresponses to a question in one report, you can easily spot good/bad photos and tie them back to a location.

  2. Feel like you're in your stores without being there: The photos report is a great way to feel more connected to your stores if you can't be there. Photos can give you a daily pulse check on how each location looks, if you require daily photos.

You'll find this report under the Reports menu option and the Photos sub-menu option. From there, you will see the Photos report with a list of questions that are photo-based below the top filters. You can use these filters to find the questions you are looking for more easily. Most helpful may be looking by program or by date range.

Note: You can also sort these questions by the question, alphabetically, or by the number of answers given by clicking the column headers.

After finding the photo-based question you are looking for, click the "eye" icon. You'll be taken to a new screen that shows every answer to that program question.

Below each photo, you will notice the location name, address, date it was filled out, and the option to view the entire interaction. If looking for a specific image, you have the filters at the top to further whittle down the answers shown.

This report can help you quickly and easily find the photo-based questions from your checklists and visits. If you have any other questions about this report or anything Elevate GO, feel free to reach out via phone or email at 877.839.8777

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