Introduction to the Store Visit App

Basics about the Boost Elevate Go Store Visit App

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The Store Visit App in Boost Elevate GO allows users to answer a list of questions (a Program) to gather information that is fed in to Elevate GO's data center. The most common use for the Store Visit App is to perform regular Boost Mobile store visits.

Logging Visits
Logging a visit in the Store Visit App is very easy. The app can be accessed on most mobile devices, including phones and tablets, and uses GPS to tie the user to the nearest location (if required) for the visit they are performing. Internet is required to submit a visit. If Internet is not available when you hit submit, the visit will simply submit the next time your device connects to Internet. For a complete guide to logging a visit, click here

Viewing Your Visit Reporting
Boost Elevate GO gives each user access to an Admin Panel that houses the data collected from the Store Visit App. There are several different reports that allow you to look at the data for your assigned doors in different ways:

  • Interactions: View a list of all your interactions by date.

  • Visits by Door: Door level view of all interactions.

  • Questions Report: View data by question answers.

  • Photos Report: View an aggregate list of all photo questions and the related photos.

Setting Up Programs
Boost Elevate Go's Store Visit App is built on a hierarchy - which is important to understand if you are setting up a program. 

The hierarchy is 4 levels:

Interaction Types
Interactions categorize Programs. For instance, you may have an Interaction called Store Visits where you would find all your monthly Store Visit Programs. Another example of an Interaction would be Employee Surveys. Your Interaction Types can be as specific or general as you would like depending on how you would like your programs organized. Interactions also sort your programs in to those that require a location and those that do not.

Programs are the actual lists of questions in the Store Visit App. Each Program must be assigned to an Interaction Type. An example of a Program would be 'Store Visits - May 2024'. This would be categorized under the Interaction Type of 'Store Visits'.

Pages can be helpful if your program includes a large number of questions about a variety of subjects. While it's not necessary to set up more than one Page for a Program, it can help you organize your questions into related topics. For example, in the Program 'Store Visits - May 2024', you may split this Program up into the following Pages: 'Store Appearance', 'Inventory', 'Promotional Skills', and 'Marketing'. 

Questions are the questions within your Program. A Question must be associated with a Page in your Program, but a Program does not need to have more than one Page. In other words, your Program does not need to be more than 1 Page long of Questions. There are several different Question Types that Elevate GO supports. To learn about them, click here

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