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Introduction to Boost Elevate GO
Introduction to Boost Elevate GO

Understanding the system & tools

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What It Is
Boost Elevate GO is more than a store visit tool – it’s a hub to assess store health through front & back of house visibility.

How It Works
Elevate GO was specifically built for Boost Mobile. Management of doors within Elevate GO is based upon information fed to the system from Boost Mobile. This means that all accounts & doors are automatically added to the system and updated automatically to ensure the door list is always up to date. This means easy set-up and maintenance for users in the system.

Elevate GO's system consists of an Admin Panel and a Store Visit App. The Store Visit App allows you to answer custom programs - or surveys - that can be location based. An example of such a program would be a monthly Store Visit or Store Review. The Store Visit App supports several question types to provide great detail in a Store Visit or any other type of program.

The Admin Panel in Elevate GO is the data center for the Store Visit App & other tools. Information is collected and displayed in the Admin Panel by dealer/door and can be viewed by the user based on their level of access. It also serves as the set-up tool for the Store Visit App - allowing admins with appropriate access to set up their custom programs.

Who Uses Boost Elevate Go
Elevate GO serves a number of users across Boost Mobile & Boost DDPs. Boost Mobile has a carrier role in the system which provides access to data for all dealers and doors loaded in from Boost's systems. DDPs have company roles which provides access to only their dealers/doors. 

Both roles can add their own users and have the ability to determine who in their organization has access to what information/abilities. Both roles can also decide what is shared up to the carrier (Boost) level or down to the company (DDP) level.

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