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Viewing Your Locations & Location Reporting
Viewing Your Locations & Location Reporting

View your location data alongside reporting to fuel your decisions.

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Keeping tabs on individual locations can be quite an undertaking. Trying to pull in multiple pieces of data and make them tell a story is another feat in itself!

Boost Elevate GO makes all of that simple and accessible. Within the Doors page, you can see all of your location’s information, marketing efforts, and even reporting. The door page is a data hub to view each door as an independent business unit. This helps to manage a door's profit and loss, dive into specific data points and identify issues or gaps unique to that door.

You’ll find your locations under the entities menu option and then under "Doors". From there, a page appears with all of the locations either assigned to you or within your dealership. If you want to get more information on a specific location, click the eye icon.

The top two columns show all of the location information. Below that, you will see multiple tabs with data sourced from DLAR, Elevate Marketing, Store Visits, and POS at your disposal. Here is a quick run-through of what each can offer you in your location management.

  • Hours

    • This will show the store hours for the location you are viewing. If you need to update your hours, contact your Boost Mobile account executive

  • Interactions

    • This tab will show you the most recent interactions with a store visit, or for a dealer with a checklist. From here you can click the eye icon to view the results from the visit or checklist.

  • Photos

    • From any of the interactions (aka visits or checklists) within the time range selected, you will see photos that were uploaded to a photo question.

  • Questions

    • A breakdown of questions from Interactions performed within the time range chosen.

  • Tasks (Carrier & DDP Only)

    • If a Boost Mobile Account Executive has a specific task that might assist with store performance goals or Game Plans, they can assign it here to a location.

  • Audit

    • This will be a log of anything that has been changed within the Boost Mobile system regarding the location information.

  • Game Plans

    • Any assigned game plans from Elevate.U. assigned from a Boost Mobile Account Executive to a dealer will show up here. You can view what the expected result is from the location. Although, only Carrier & DDP’s have access to view, change, download the plan.

  • Users

    • This tab will show what users are assigned to a location. If you would like to view a specific user you can click on the eye icon to see their assignments and more.

  • Outbound Calling

    • Here you can see how many Gryphon verified calls were made through Elevate Marketing, within the date range selected, by a location and to which calling segments those calls were made.

    • This tab will not show if the door does not have Outbound Calling enabled.

  • Scheduled Campaigns

    • View any campaign and campaign type that is scheduled within the selected date range to go to a location’s existing customer base.

  • Location Sends

    • On this tab, you can see which Elevate Marketing campaigns were sent by a location with accompanying campaign data. Data includes Customers Reached, Deliveries, and Clicks.

  • Customer Base Engagement

    • This tab will show all Elevate marketing efforts together. This includes email campaigns sent, SMS campaigns sent, and Gryphon verified outbound calls.

  • Elevate Frontline Focus

    • Bringing the visibility of location performance to a sales representative level, this tab pulls in important data from Boost Elevate POS. Some of the data includes AAL Count, Accessory Count, Activations, and more. Use this tab to check into individual sales rep performance, regarding all of Boost Mobile's current KPIs. Learn more about Frontline Focus.

When utilizing all of these tabs together with Elevate GO’s fleet of tools, you can get a comprehensive picture of your locations and business. Pro-Tip: these tabs can be pulled up from the dealership page as well, to get a wider scope of view. Just go to entities, then dealers, and click the eye icon next to the dealer. Note: Some of these tabs are available, depending on permissions, in the Elevate GO visit app as quick access tabs. They are Game Plans, DLAR, Visits, Hours, Tasks, and Scorecard (Carrier Only).

For further questions, check out the rest of the Help Center. If you have a specific question, reach out via phone or email at 877.839.8777

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