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Checklist Examples - Opening Checklist
Checklist Examples - Opening Checklist

Standardize the opening process across all your locations.

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Introduction to Opening Checklists

An essential part of all of your locations' day is opening up. Making sure the store is in one piece, everything is accounted for, that everything is ready for customers to arrive, and more all come with the opening. Although, what if these tasks could be standardized so they don't vary from location to location?

This is where an Opening Checklist comes in handy. Utilizing one will allow you and your employees to worry less about the little stuff getting done. That's why the Elevate GO Product Team have built out an example checklist below, to give you an idea of how helpful it can be and simple to build out. Take a look below and see for yourself!

Top Questions to Ask When Opening

If you are looking at the full list of questions thinking that is a lot to process, you may not be alone. Below, are our top five questions that we think every opening checklist should have to focus on your operational procedures, saving you time and money.

  1. Is the store clean for customers?

  2. Is any banking ready for collection and the count correct in the drawers?

  3. What promo devices are you short or out of stock on?

  4. What are you going to do today to drive traffic to the store?

  5. What is the sales goal for today?

To view the full list see below.

Full List of Questions

Store & Employee Goals

  • What is your daily activation goal?

  • What is your goal on case attachment per phone?

  • What is the EBBP goal?

  • What is the UPP goal?

  • Do you have a customer coming in that made an appointment?

    • What time are they coming in & the reason?

  • Have you read yesterday’s closing checklist?

  • What actions do you have?

Store & Employee Standards

  • Please take a photo of yourself in the appropriate attire/uniform.

  • Was the store clean upon arrival?

  • Was the trash taken out last night?

  • Were all devices, banking, and cash in the safe upon arrival?

  • Was the thermostat/AC set correctly upon arrival?

  • Please take a photo of the exterior store front.

  • Please take a photo of the back of the store.

  • Please provide a photo of the collateral/ merch on the windows/ walls.

  • Please take a photo of the main accessory wall.

  • Please take a photo of your second accessory wall.

  • If there is a third accessory wall, please take a photo.

  • Do you have any maintenance issues at your store?

    • If Yes, Please explain.

  • Have you read the company inbox?

  • Have you read the company message board?

Banking Standards

  • Is the banking ready to be collected/deposited?

  • What is the banking bag tag number?

  • Please take a photo of your deposit paperwork. (Make sure the numbers can be read)

  • If there are any additional deposit scans, please attach them below.

  • How much commission have you earned month to date?

  • Is the money in the register drawer, correct?

  • What is the difference ($)?

    • What is the reason?

    • Does this need escalating to management?

Inventory Standards

  • How many TN phones do you have at your store?

  • What is the quantity of the inventory over 60 days?

  • What is your oldest phone in inventory?

    • Please list the last 5 of the ESN.

  • What inventory (devices/accessories) are out of stock?

  • How many Non-Salable RMA/Rejected RMA devices do you have in the store?

  • Please take a photo of the phone boxes of over 60-day inventory.

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