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Checklist Examples - Closing Checklist
Checklist Examples - Closing Checklist

Remove room for error when it comes to closing procedures.

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Introduction to Closing Checklists

You can't cap off a great day of sales without having a smooth closing of the store. Checking the monies, cleaning the store, making notes for tomorrow's staff and more all come with the territory of closing your door for the day.

Implementing a closing checklist can not only make these tasks as easy as checking off a checklist, but it will make sure they are consistent from location to location. That's why the Elevate GO Product Team has built out an example checklist below, to give you an idea of how helpful it can be and simple to build out. Take a look below and see for yourself!

Top Questions to Ask When Closing

If you are looking for the most important questions, that no good closing checklist should be without, then look no further. Below, are our top five questions that we think every closing checklist should have to focus on your operational procedures, saving you time and money.

  1. Have you cleaned the store and emptied the trash?

  2. Was the banking deposited today?

  3. Is the float in the cash drawer correct?

  4. What promo devices are you short on or sold out of?

  5. Did you achieve today’s sales goal?

To view the full list see below.

Full List of Questions

Store & Employee Goals

  • Did you meet today's goal?

  • How many activations did you sell today?

    • UPP?

    • Upgrades?

    • B5G?

  • How many customers/sales were lost/did not make a transaction today?

  • How many accessories did you sell today?

  • What percentage of that is to your goal?

  • What was the store's $ per handset today?

  • What did you do to drive traffic into the store today?

  • What did you do to help achieve your sales goal?

Inventory Standards

  • How many total boxes do you have in inventory?

  • Please look at the inventory and note the oldest EOL device that is in stock.

Store & Employee Standards

  • Have you refilled the accessory wall pegs?

  • Please let us know if there are any maintenance issues?

  • Have you cleaned the store?

  • Did you take out the trash?

  • If you had an appointment scheduled for today, were you able to help with the request and resolve it?

  • Was there a customer appointment that was scheduled for today; that did not show up?

  • Were there roadblocks while helping customers today?

  • Were there any returns today?

    • If yes how many?

    • List details.

  • Are there any end-of-day shift notes?

    • Does this need to be escalated to management?

Banking Standards

  • Was there a banking pick-up today?

  • Did you deposit the banking?

    • Submit a photo of the deposit slip.

  • Did secure inventory, banking, and cash in the safe?

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