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Checklist Implementation Best Practices
Checklist Implementation Best Practices

Our best practices for getting your checklists off the ground.

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Getting your locations up and running with checklists can be a feat. Plus, changing behavior takes time, and it won't happen overnight. But it IS possible (we promise!).

Our Elevate GO product team has a few tips and tricks to getting your checklists from idea to reality. Follow these tried and true approaches to take checklists from hassle to habit in your stores.

Begin Strategizing Your Checklists

  1. Become a Pro: Attend Your Training

    • Make sure you and your managers attend the platform training with your account manager.

    • This is a self-service platform with account manager support.

    • Becoming a product expert can take only 45mins!

  2. Know your Needs: Prioritize Issues & Set SMART Goals

    • Make a list of the daily challenges you need to solve and in what order.

    • Use SMART Goals: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-Bound. Each question needs to provide you with an answer that you can track.

      • By tracking the data points, you will see the issues, gaps, challenges, and obstacles that your team faces while working to address them.

    • Don't try to run before you can walk. Start with 1 checklist, no more than 10 to 15 questions, to avoid overwhelming staff.

  3. Be Aware of Initial Hesitations

    • Anything new can be met with hesitation, Be aware of this from the beginning. The fear of the unknown can be a simple deterrent to new and helpful programs.

    • Think about how it'll be helpful to them, ease of completion, and how it will improve their lives at work.

Start Introducing to the Team

  1. Set Expectations: Train & Explain

    • Create a training plan

      • Break your team into groups, i.e., DMs, Managers, Sales Reps

      • Train one group at a time using clear examples of use cases, individual and team benefits, goals, and expectations for completion.

      • Assign one member from each group to be in charge of making sure Checklists are completed each week.

  2. Build Engagement Slowly

    • Each team may be different in how they learn new programs and processes. Ensure that they have the resources, support, and time to learn.

    • Starting small with the basics and working through mistakes are great ways to build confidence with employees on checklists.

  3. Delegate, Delegate, Delegate

    • As you start to roll out checklists to your team, make sure you have people in place to help fill the gaps when you are too busy.

      • Account Admins - They can help build out new checklists and monitor reporting across many locations.

      • District Managers or Door Admins - They can view all EGO reports for their assigned locations. This can be very helpful with implementation, follow-up, and feedback on a micro-level across individual locations.

Build a Healthy Foundation & Beyond

  1. Reinforce Good Behavior

    • Schedule some time each week to review Checklist reporting, paying special attention to:

      • Checklist Completions.

      • Missed Checklists (and who missed them).

      • Quality of responses - are employees taking the time to provide meaningful info? Or rushing through?

    • Hold your team accountable for missed checklists or poor responses, then reinforce completion goals.

  2. Give (and Welcome) Feedback

    • Praise employees who complete checklists correctly and on time.

    • Give your team a voice - let them know their feedback is valued and work to implement suggestions for improvement.

  3. Start Expanding Incrementally

    • Aim small, miss small. It may feel like you aren't moving fast enough, but expanding checklists to all your locations (instead of one by one) can be a headache if the entire team isn't confident about what they are doing.

    • Start with one store 100% compliant on checklists, then move on to another.

    • Once you have all your doors confident in the basics, start moving on to other checklist needs. During this process, make sure to continually get feedback from your team on what checklists they think would be helpful.

Other Checklists to Consider

Speaking of other checklist needs, here is a list of other checklist ideas that we think could help manage your locations.

  1. Promo Readiness - Confirm your team has the latest on Boost Mobile promos.

  2. Maintenance Issues - Get all the details on location maintenance issues.

  3. Supply Orders - Easily collect all supply requests from locations.

  4. District Manager Visits - Standardize processes for DM store checks.

  5. Store Audits - Perform weekly, monthly, and yearly store audits.

  6. Inventory Counts - Create consistency across doors on inventory.

  7. PTO Requests - Personal-Time-Off Requests made consistent.

  8. Training Quizzes - Keep your team up-to-date with the latest programs

  9. Employee Recognition - Survey the team on who is standing out.

  10. Marketing - Confirm team scheduling of campaigns and calling.

For further questions, check out the rest of the Help Center. If you have a specific question, reach out via phone or email at 877.839.8777

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