Elevate GO has a quick way to look through your locations' sales data on a rep level. The Elevate Frontline Focus report is just the tool to add to your toolbox when trying to get a full picture view of your locations.

This report pulls in the key sales metrics Elevate POS in real-time, giving insight into each and every sales representative's performance with all of Boost Mobile's current KPIs. Let's take a look at it below.

To find the Elevate Frontline Focus tab, go to the menu option for "Entities" and then click on "Doors". If you have access to the "Dealers" entities menu option, this report can also be seen from a dealer's point of view as well.

Once you know which location (or dealer) you want to view, you'll want to click the "eye" icon across from the location name. After choosing, scroll to the bottom of the page to find the Elevate Frontline Focus tab to the right or on a secondary row for smaller screens.

Please Note: If you do not have Elevate POS, this report will not show any data.

With the Elevate Frontline Focus tab, you can view your locations' sales performance on a rep by rep basis. Update the date range to change the data or sort by any of the columns to get a better view.

Note: If viewing the report from the "Dealer" page, it will show all reps for the doors associated with that dealer. If a rep works across multiple locations within the date range, they will appear twice but the metrics will be split by the door.

Now you can look at this tab in conjunction with scheduled campaigns, outbound calls, DLAR reports, and others to get the full scope of a location's performance. Not to forget, that the Elevate Frontline Focus tab is all live data coming straight from Elevate POS and will be current whenever you decide to view it.

Now that you know its capabilities, here are a few best practices and ways to use it in your daily business practices.

  1. LIVE Reporting - A great way to keep up with a location throughout the day is using the EFF report as it updates the information live.

  2. Comparative Analysis - A great way to build a competitive spirit throughout the team or get a better understanding of team performance. With the EFF, you can compare reps across your dealership or locations!

  3. Individual KPIs - Manage your team on the micro-level by setting goals for each team member. Using the EFF you can gauge the goals appropriately!

This tab can greatly improve how you focus your location's goals and give you actionable data to make decisions for the future. If you are ready to start using this report, click here to go to your locations and view the Elevate Frontline Focus report.

We hope you enjoy this report on Boost Elevate GO. If you have any further questions about how to use Boost Elevate GO, please feel free to reach out to our support team at support@boostelevatego.com.

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