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Interactions Report

View and analyze interactions from checklists or visits.

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You’ve created your checklists or visit program, and it is being used. You got through all the bumps of implementing it, so now what? Now is the time to see the results from all your locations using the Interactions report.

This report is a simple way to view many interactions at a glance across your locations, compared to the Questions or Photos report that helps focus on specific parts of the interaction. We will take a brief look at the report, what you can do with it, and hopefully answer any questions along the way.

Top Uses for the Interactions Report:

  1. Perform checklist/visit audit: Easily ensure your checklists or visits are completed as required.

  2. Take a deeper dive into a location’s checklists/visits: You can view the specific responses for locations that may need a little extra attention.

You will find the Interactions report under Reporting > Interactions. From there, you will be given the completed visits/checklists. This may be limited to doors assigned to you, depending on your access.

*For Carrier & Company Users, it should be noted that the interactions available will vary based on the access given.

At the top, you can filter by location, program, door type, and more to get a better view or find something particular. Besides those filters, you can also do a simple export to see all the interactions side by side.

Once you have your list, click the “eye” icon to view the checklists/visit interaction. At the top, you can see relevant information about where the interaction occurred, who filled it out, and when it happened. Most importantly, it will show all the completed answers from that interaction. After that, feel free to head back to the report and go through other interactions as needed.

If you need any assistance using this report, feel free to reach out via phone or email at 877.839.8777

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