The org chart feature allows you to show the structure of the organisation. The chart will help create a clear visual depiction of the jobs and departments that make up your company. 

This is generated by line management of employees. E.g... the CEO will manage X and X will manage Y, Y will manager Z etc


Where is the Org Chart located?

You can find the org chart under the Company Tab > Organisation Chart


Can I print the Org Chart?

No - this is not an exportable chart.

However, you have a couple of options in order to print off the details:

  • The simplest is to screenshot it

  • Alternatively, we do integrate with a piece of software called Org Chart Now. This will give you the ability to create printable versions of your organisation chart using the data from breathe. Click here to find out more


Turn the Org Chart On/Off

Go to Configure > Settings > Modules > Organisation Chart

Untick this option if you would like to turn the organisation chart off.

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