The notes and reminders section is a fantastic to use as a management tool or just a place to store notes pertaining to a particular employee.

Only HR users and Line Managers (if permissions has been granted in their settings) can access the notes and reminders section. This is located on the individuals profile under More > Notes and reminders 

You are able to add a 'Remind on' date for a notification to be sent via email to the author of the note.

You can also select for it to remind all HR users also if you wish.

Notes are not visible to the individual who's account they are stored on so they are often used for management purposes of for just simple reminders on your own account. Your Employees, Volunteers or Contractors will not even be able to see the option in their more tab. Remember all HR users are able to view them and line managers if their permissions allow.


The Notes and reminders section is where the bulk emails that are sent are stored.

How will I receive my reminder?

If you're a HR user who has opted in to receive email notifications from Breathe, your note/reminder will be included within your daily HR notification email from Breathe.

For more information on email notifications from Breathe, please see the guide below:

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