We often get asked, "What emails get sent out and when?"

Here is a summary for you that covers what emails are sent out, who they are sent to and when.


How do I opt in to receive email notifications?

When are notification emails sent?

What does the weekly digest email include?

What does the daily HR notifier email include?

Do line managers receive daily notifiers?

What do line manager/employee emails consist of?

What's included in recruitment email notifications?

How do I opt in to receive email notifications?

The first steps to take are to ensure that you are opted in to receive the daily or weekly notifier emails through your profile page.

Here you will see a slider option that puts you in control to either turn the email notifications on or off. 

Blue and On means that you have opted to receive email notifications

Red and Off means that you have opted to not receive email notifications

When are email notifications sent?

All daily and weekly notifier emails will send at 7:00am.

Weekly digest emails


Every Monday morning,

Who to?

HR users 

What does it cover?

  • DBS expiry reminder expiring in 30 days or less

  • Any unresolved disciplinaries or grievances 

  • Outstanding leave requests 

  • Birthdays in the next 7 days 

  • Work anniversaries in the next 7 days 

  • Open sickness 

  • One-to-ones coming up in the next 7 days 

  • Objectives due in the next 7 days 

  • Employees due to start in the next 7 days 

Daily notifiers - HR users

Who to?

HR Users

Notifications will include...

  • ID document due to expire 

  • Probation near - 30 days prior  

  • Employee is leaving soon 

  • Training due to expire - 30 days prior

  • Contract coming to an end - 30 days prior

  • Personal qualification record expiring 

  • Notes and reminders on the day the reminder is set for

  • DBS expiry - 30 days prior

  • Document review - on the review date set

  • Absences – Notified on the first and last day of the absence 

  • On the day of an interview

HR users will also receive email notification when an employee adds a medical fact.

Do line managers receive daily notifiers?

Line managers will not receive a daily email if there is nothing to be notified about. The email is split between managerial tasks and employee notifications.

Line manager/employee emails will consist of:

  • Leave requests 

  • Leave request has been rejected

  • Company announcements

  • Expense claim has been submitted (if the line manager manages expenses) 

  • Sickness new submission (if line managers manage their employees sickness) If an employee has no line manager OR line manager does not have permission to 'manage' employees' sickness, the email will be sent to any HR user 

  • Sickness status changed to returned to work 

  • Company document posted with a read requirement 

  • Training request has been submitted

  • Training request has been approved 

  • Training request has been rejected

  • One-to-one has been requested by an employee 

  • One-to-one has been scheduled (e.g. by a line manager for an employee)

  • New TOIL request 

  • Leave cancellation request 

  • Objective suggested 

  • 14 days prior to due date for objective

  • Recurring one-to-one ending 

  • You have been set as a one-to-one reviewer 

  • On the day of an interview (recruiters only)

  • Leave cancellation request has been approved

Recruitment email notifications

The recruiter of a vacancy will receive daily emails informing them of new applications. These emails are not individual per applicant so will be sent first thing and will tell the recruiter how many new applications they have for a particular vacancy. Please note, if there are no applications, no email is sent.

If there is no recruiter set for the vacancy, then the HR user will receive the emails daily.

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact the support team using the message feature within your Breathe account.

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