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Burnout monitor report
Burnout monitor report

Identify employees at risk of burnout

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This guide is for Admin/HR users and line managers.

The burnout monitor report offers a visual snapshot of up to the top 10 employees at risk of burnout due to extended work periods without taking a holiday, as well as any sickness.

For employees identified as at high risk of burnout, you can use the report to send a reminder email encouraging them to request time off.

Enabling the burnout monitor

The Burnout monitor is available as an included module for Regular plans and above.

The Burnout monitor is enabled by default in your Breathe account. However, you have the flexibility to turn it on or off. Here's how:

Navigate to Configure > Settings > Modules > Included modules and ensure the 'Burnout monitor' module is ticked.

Who can view the Burnout monitor?

Any user with HR permission will have access to the Burnout Monitor.

Line managers will be able to view the report if they can view leave and sickness. This can be controlled within line manager permissions.

If a line manager can view leave but not sickness, they won't be able to see the column: 'Days sick (last 12M)'.

Line managers will only be able to view the data for the people they manage unless they have permission to see: 'Their people's people'. If this setting is enabled, they will be able to use the line manager filter to view the people that report up to any line managers they manage.

Accessing the Burnout monitor report

You can access the report by navigating to Reports > 'Burnout monitor' tab

The report displays up to the top 10 employees ranked by their burnout risk, showing key details such as the employee's name, weeks worked without a holiday, weeks until their next holiday and total sick days in the last 12 months.

Employees labelled 'n/a' for 'Next holiday' have no upcoming booked leave.

You can filter the report by department, location, or line manager using the filter controls at the top.

The report can be exported and downloaded using the controls within the top-right of the report.

Reminding employees to request leave

If an employee is at high risk of burnout, the email reminder icon can be clicked to remind them to request some well-deserved time off. This reminder email will be sent straight to the employee.

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