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Manage my reservations/bookings
Manage my reservations/bookings

This training aims to enable a member to manage their reservations: book/cancel/find my reservations.

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1st Step: Login to the platform.

Click on the following link: and log in with your login details.

If you already have an account but do not know your password :

  • Click on "Forgotten password" > Enter your email address. You will receive a temporary password in your mailbox.

If you don't have an account yet :

  • Click on "Don't have an account yet?" > Fill in the form > Search for your studio in the search bar.

Sidenote: when you log in you arrive on the Bsport Marketplace. In order to manage your reservations, you will have to click on your profile (top right of your screen), and click on ''My profile''. This will redirect you to your own profile (shown on the image of the 2nd step)

2nd Step: Book a class.

Once on your customer account, click on the tab leading to the studio. Tab framed in red on the following image.

Click on "Book" at the level of the course you wish to book.

3rd Step: Confirm the reservation using a course card.

Option 1: You have a course card that is compatible with your course. Click on "1 credit" at the level of the course card you wish to use.

You will be redirected to the next page indicating that your reservation has been taken into account.

Click on "Close".

Option 2: You do not have a course card that is compatible with the course you want to book. Click on "Add to cart" on one of the cards offered.

You will be redirected to the next payment page. Indicate your method of payment plus click on "Pay".

Finally you will arrive on the next page to confirm your reservation. Click on "Close". Here, the purchase of the course card has been processed and the booking has been confirmed.

4th Step: Retrieve your reservations.

In the tab "Summary": Find all your future bookings and your active lesson cards.

In the "History" tab: Find all your reservations for group lessons and appointments.

5th Step: Cancel a reservation.

In the "Summary" tab > Find the session to be cancelled > Click on "Cancel".

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