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Verify your NHS account on Bubble
Verify your NHS account on Bubble
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During the COVID19 crisis, Bubble is connecting NHS Parents with local volunteers, who wish to offer them free childcare - including Med school students.

For NHS workers, the Bubble platform will be available to them, entirely free of charge, and they will have a bespoke feature that allows them to book free childcare from volunteer sitters.

To benefit from this service, we are required to verify ones status as a worker within the NHS.

How can I verify my NHS status?

Once you sign up using your NHS email address, you’ll be asked to provide us with an NHS identification number of your choosing. We will then use this number provided to verify that you are a worker in the NHS.

If however you don’t have an NHS email address or NHS identification number, please send us an alternative identification document that indicates your professional activity within the NHS, to

Our team will be able to review the document and verify your NHS status, so that you can continue to enjoy the free service.

Email if you need further assistance.

And thank you for all that you do - we hope to be of service.

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