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What is the tax/employment status when booking sitters on Bubble?
What is the tax/employment status when booking sitters on Bubble?
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Bubble is a platform giving parent customers and sitter customers the option of connecting with each other. We do not employ or supply babysitters to customers, and nor do we oversee or direct the work they do.

It is a customer’s responsibility to ascertain their employment status, ensure they’re complying to relevant regulations and pay any appropriate tax due.

Generally speaking, it is the responsibility of babysitters on the app to pay any taxes they may incur on money they earn from babysitting - be that on jobs they do on the app, and those they do not.

If your relationship with a particular sitter becomes more exclusive and long-term in nature, it may be more representative of an employer-employee relationship. In this instance it is best to seek advice so that you ensure you are complying with appropriate regulations.

Seeking advice for your own personal circumstances is the best route because HMRC use many varying factors (specifics of the job, timings, frequency, regularity and flexibility) in determining the employment status of any individual or relationship.

Generally though, someone is classified as self-employed if:

  • They work for multiple clients

  • They choose when and where they work

  • They control and set their own hours and rates of pay

  • They are free to cancel, and are able to substitute themselves with someone else if they cannot fulfil a job.

The HMRC website is a good starting point to find out what the regulations and requirements are:

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