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Treating our babysitters: Best practice
Treating our babysitters: Best practice
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At Bubble, we’re striving to connect a community of wonderful parents with the best local babysitters.

As busy parents, we rely hugely on the reliability, trustworthiness and all-round brilliance of our sitters and similarly, our sitters want to work for families that are respectful, kind and fair.

We all want the best babysitters on the Bubble platform, it’ll ensure our kids are in the best hands, that we're able to build for you the best childcare service on the market.

So we’ve put together some simple - and fairly obvious(!) guidelines which we ask all parents on the app to follow:

1. Be kind: Please aim to treat your sitters politely, fairly and decently. Essentially, the same way we’d want them to treat us and our kids.

2. Be considerate when cancelling: With little kids in the equation, cancellations can be unavoidable. However, when cancelling your sit with more than 6 hours' notice, please consider using the app’s optional Goodwill Payment tool to ensure your sitter is not completely out of pocket as a result (see here for more information).

3. Ask before adjusting times: If you need to change the timing of a confirmed sit then that’s normally going to be fine, but please do check-in with the babysitter first, ensuring it’s OK before updating it in the app.

4. Give enough information: Use your profile section and the sit notes to ensure your babysitter has the information they need up front to feel comfortable with you and the sit requirements. You’re more likely to get a sitter booked if you do. Also, if the kids are unwell (even a little) it's nice to let the sitter know in advance of the sit. Some babysitters won't mind sitting for children who are under the weather - others though may prefer not to. Either way, they really appreciate being informed in advance.

5. Communicate well: Whether it’s about the taxi home, arriving back later then planned or - most importantly - just being contactable and in touch, please ensure that the lines of communication with the babysitter are clear and open before, during and after the sit.

And that's it!

Thanks for being part of the Bubble community, we're so glad to have you here.

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