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'Post a job ' feature - FAQs
'Post a job ' feature - FAQs
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Here are some frequently asked questions about Bubble's Post a job feature.

1. Will my favourite/regular babysitters get my request?

Yes. Babysitters you’ve used before, or those you’re connected to will always be in the first batch of babysitters who can apply for your job. That is as long as they’re marked as “available’ in the app. So if they can do it, they’ll get the request, apply for the job and you’ll be able to pick them.

2. Can I still specify which babysitters to send my request to?

Yes. You can use our "Meet the locals" feature in the app to see some local sitters around them, whom you can favourite or send a direct request to. You may also use the "Favourites" option to send a direct request to sitters you have used favourited before. They’ll then accept the job request if they’re available. The advantage of Posting a job instead is that it’ll notify you of babysitters who 100% want your job – and you still get to pick the one who is right for you.

3. How will I know when a sitter applies for my job?

You’ll get a Push Notification when babysitters are added to your shortlist. You can also check in on the shortlist at any time by going into your app and having a look.

4. How long do I have to confirm the booking?

Your job will expire automatically 72 hours after you received the first applicant, Furthermore, babysitters who apply for your job will automatically become unavailable if they’re booked up by someone else. They can also withdraw their offer if you take too long and something else comes up for them in the meantime. So make sure you lock them in quick :-)

5. Does Bubble choose the babysitter and send them to me?

No. On Bubble, the parent always ultimately decides which babysitter they’d like to use. You’ll receive a shortlist of babysitters who want to babysit for you and it’s up to you to confirm the sit with the one you deem is the best fit.

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