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Where can I leave order notes for my shopper?
Where can I leave order notes for my shopper?
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Notes During the Picking Stage

During the stage where your personal shopper is picking your items, they will be able to see two types of notes: item-specific and special request notes. Knowing how to use these notes is important to ensure your order is picked to your liking.

Item-Specific Notes

Item-specific notes may include instructions on how a particular product should be handled, such as a recommendation to substitute with another specific product if the desired item is out of stock. You can access this note section by clicking on an individual product while shopping or by clicking on the note icon displayed beside the product in your shopping cart.

Special Request Notes

Special Request Notes allow customers to request an item that is not usually available on the app. This note section can be located by clicking on your basket at the top-right of the screen. After selecting the special request, it will be included on the list of products that the shopper should purchase.

TIP: Requests to purchase items not listed in the app may result in your final cost being higher than the amount we authorise on your payment method and could result in a small extra charge.

We Recommend Notes

Having item-specific notes and special request notes both ready for the shopper to view is essential for them to pick your order successfully. When updating the notes, make sure to provide clear and concise instructions to avoid any confusion.

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