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Where can I leave delivery notes for my shopper?
Where can I leave delivery notes for my shopper?
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Notes During the Delivery Stage

During the stage where your personal shopper is delivering your items, they will be able to see two types of notes: delivery notes and address notes. Knowing how to use these notes is important to ensure your order is delivered correctly.

Delivery Note

When you navigate to Checkout, you will be able to see the Delivery Note section. This is perfect for providing any specific information your shopper needs to know to deliver the order to the right place. This could include things like the name of the person accepting the order, the colour of your door, or contact information like phone numbers or building details.

TIP: If you think there's any chance your shopper could need a hand finding your address, an Delivery Note!

Address Note

When you navigate to My Account and select Addresses, you can access the Address Note section. Use this to provide specific instructions regarding your delivery address. This is saved against your address and shown to the shopper whenever you select that address for delivery.

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