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Create a Point post inside the Feeds
Create a Point post inside the Feeds

Create and reward students with Point post

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Create a participation environment by creating Point posts and getting students to take part in the course conversation.

  1. Inside the CampusKnot post box, select the rocket ๐Ÿš€ icon

Important: Make sure you type a message, question, or create an activity before you can deploy your post.

creating a point post inside CampusKnot

2. Make sure you input the following information

  • Duration: Here is where you select the time for your post. Inside duration, you can choose between a day, a few hours, or a couple of minutes to let your post-run.

  • Within Time: As long as students submit a response within the time you set inside the Duration box, they earn points.

  • After Timeout: You may allow students to earn partial credit for submitting a response even after the Duration you set in step 2.

3. Select a tag before creating a Point post

Select a tag inside the campusknot feed

4. Once you're ready, click 'Post'

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