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Feeds Guide (Students)
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⭐️ Create anonymous questions ⭐️

Using the CampusKnot feed is an excellent way to:

  • Stay up-to-date on current events and developments in class.

  • Bring new perspectives and ideas to discussions.

  • Organize class materials using tags, the equivalent of #hashtags

  • Participate in discussion from anywhere while having the ability to ask questions anonymously, share resources, and engage in discussions with classmates.

Editing Options inside the Feed

Customize and edit short and long-form text to make your content more pleasing to the readers. A few options can be found in the screenshot below:

B = Bold

i = italicize

u = underline

Inside the mobile application, things change just a tiny little bit. You'll need to select the 'Aa' button to view some editing options. Math and chemistry equations cannot be added using the CampusKnot mobile app.

Using tags & making anonymous questions

Heads up, as a student, you cannot create tags. However, when making a post inside CampusKnot, you can choose one Default tag (always mandatory before creating a post) and one Custom tag (if your instructor has created one).

This is what a Default / Custom tag area looks like for you (a member/student inside a CampusKnot course) πŸ‘‡

Why tags?

Tags are used to organize and categorize content inside CampusKnot. They can label content with keywords or phrases that describe its topic or purpose. Your default tag options:

1. Question:

This tag type can be used when you need information or clarification. Questions are typically formed using a specific grammatical structure or using question words such as "who," "what," "where," "when," "why," or "how."

2. Discussion:

This tag opens a conversation about particular topics or issues. Use it to explore classmates' /instructors' views, ideas, and opinions, exchange information, and consider different perspectives. The goal of a discussion is to explore a topic in-depth, to clarify understanding, and to arrive at a mutual agreement or understanding.

3. Announcement:

An announcement is a statement or message created to inform of something important or significant.

4. Anonymous Question

An anonymous question is a question that is asked without revealing the identity of the person who is asking it. When posting an anonymous question, only the faculty can view the creator of a question or comment, but not the rest of the class.

Select the anonymous question tag inside the CampusKnot Feed on the website or mobile application to create an anonymous question.

This πŸ‘‡ is what the anonymous question looks like to other users:

Point Post:

Point Post is a feature on CampusKnot that allows students to earn points by engaging with a question or prompt created by an instructor. A point post will always have:

  1. A rocketship icon πŸš€

  2. A timer

Make edits to a post created inside CampusKnot

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