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Feed Guide (Instructor)
Feed Guide (Instructor)
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Using the CampusKnot feed is an excellent way to:

  • Stay up-to-date on current events and developments in class.

  • Prompt new perspectives and ideas to discussions.

  • Organize class materials using tags, the equivalent of #hashtags

  • Encourage participation from anywhere while having the ability to tackle the most pressing questions from students.

Editing Options inside the Feed

Customize and edit short and long-form text to make your content more pleasing to the readers. A few options can be found in the screenshot below:

B = Bold

i = italicize

u = underline

Inside the mobile application, things change just a tiny little bit. You'll need to select the 'Aa' button to view some editing options. Math and chemistry equations cannot be added using the CampusKnot mobile app.

Using tags & making anonymous questions

Heads up, only administrators of the course (faculty users and TAs) can create tags. Inside CampusKnot Default tags are always mandatory before creating a post and Custom tags are optional.

This is what a Default / Custom tag area looks like for you 👇

Why tags?

Tags are used to organize and categorize content inside CampusKnot. They can label content with keywords or phrases that describe its topic or purpose. Your default tag options:

1. Question:

This tag type can be used when you need information or clarification. Questions are typically formed using a specific grammatical structure or using question words such as "who," "what," "where," "when," "why," or "how."

2. Discussion:

This tag opens a conversation about particular topics or issues. Use it to explore classmates' /instructors' views, ideas, and opinions, exchange information, and consider different perspectives. The goal of a discussion is to explore a topic in-depth, to clarify understanding, and to arrive at a mutual agreement or understanding.

3. Announcement:

An announcement is a statement or message created to inform of something important or significant.

4. Anonymous Question

An anonymous question is a question that is asked without revealing the identity of the person who is asking it. When posting an anonymous question, only the faculty can view the creator of a question or comment, but not the rest of the class.

Select the anonymous question tag inside the CampusKnot Feed on the website or mobile application to create an anonymous question.

This 👇 is what the anonymous question looks like to other users:

Point Posts:

Why use Point Posts?

  1. Encouragement and Engagement: Offering points for participation can motivate students to actively engage in class discussions and activities. It encourages them to be present and attentive during or before lessons, which contributes to a more interactive and dynamic learning environment.

  2. Building Confidence: Many students may be hesitant to speak up in class, especially if they fear making mistakes. Providing points for participation can help boost their confidence by emphasizing the importance of their contributions, regardless of whether they are always correct.

  3. Fostering Critical Thinking: Encouraging participation, even when answers may not be entirely accurate, promotes critical thinking and problem-solving. Students learn through their mistakes and misconceptions, and engaging in discussions helps them refine their ideas over time.

  4. Diverse Perspectives: When points are given for participation, it encourages a broader range of perspectives and voices in the classroom. This diversity of ideas can enrich discussions and provide students with a more well-rounded understanding of the subject matter.

  5. Active Learning: Participation-focused grading can align with active learning strategies, such as group discussions, debates, and peer teaching. These methods emphasize engagement and interaction as valuable learning experiences and grading participation supports these activities.

Create a Point Post:

  1. Select the rocketship "add points" icon

  2. Choose the duration for your points post. You can select between minutes, hours, or days. There's also the 'add custom due date' option.

  3. Add the points students can earn as long as they respond to your prompt within the time selected under the 'duration' or 'add custom due date' options. You can even give points if students submit a response 'after time'.

  4. Make sure once you've added a duration and points you select the 'Save' option

Share content across multiple sections

  1. Click the '+' icon on the left corner of your post

2. Select all of the courses you'd like to share your content with

3. Click on 'Close' once you've selected all of the courses

Make edits to a post created inside CampusKnot

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