Important: Inside CampusKnot, you can add as many teaching assistants or fellow faculty as administrator(s) of a group.

  1. Make sure you're the creator of the group.

  2. Before adding a teaching assistant or faculty as an administrator, make sure they have a CampusKnot account. If they do not click here

  3. To give administrator rights, you have to invite the TA/ faculty member to be a part of your group; here is how to do it

4. Once you have sent out the invitation, it's time to click on the Settings button located in the top right corner of your group. Select 'Group settings'

5. Inside your settings tab, click on 'Admin'

admin settings inside a campusknot group

6. Inside the 'Admin' tab, select 'Add new admin' and type the name of the person you want to add

Important: You can always control the admin rights from within the Group settings. Under the 'Permissions' tab, you're able to control the planner, post, and edit permission inside CampusKnot.

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