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Invite Students/ Instructors/ TAs to a Course
Invite Students/ Instructors/ TAs to a Course

Increase participation and add life to your course by inviting students

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Start by selecting the 'Members' option located in the top left corner of your course screen.

Inside the 'Members' section ➡ select the 'Invite Member' icon.

Inside CampusKnot you can invite students by sharing a unique course code, inviting future members using their .edu email address, or sending a bulk invitation with the CSV method.

Option 1: Share a Course Code

Sharing your CampusKnot course code with students ensures seamless integration for late joiners, preventing them from missing crucial information.

Step 1: You can share your course code with students by clicking on the 'Copy Code' icon and pasting the code inside your syllabus

💡Important: After sharing your unique course code, please do not select the 'Refresh code' option to avoid confusion for students or administrators who need to join your course.

Option 2: Invite via Email

Inviting students, TAs, or other course administrators via email on CampusKnot is the fastest way to send out a course invitation. Email invites facilitate swift communication, ensuring prompt enrollment and collaboration. It's particularly efficient for reaching out to individuals not actively using the platform.

Step 1: Head over to the 'Invite via email' option

Step 2: Copy and paste the email address of the faculty, TA, or student you want to invite to your course.

💡Important: Members with active CampusKnot accounts will be added to your course immediately. Members without accounts will be added to your course automatically after creating their accounts.

Option 3: Invite via CSV file 💜

Inviting students through the CSV method on CampusKnot is a time-saving strategy for both instructors and students. Instructors can efficiently enroll a large number of students in a class, while students benefit from streamlined account creation. This method is ideal for bulk enrollment scenarios, such as large classes or multiple courses.

Step 1: Start by downloading the sample csv
Step 2: Inside of the sample CSV input your students' first and last names alongside their .edu email addresses. Once done, save your updated csv file.

Step 3: Inside CampusKnot, select the 'Browse Files' option and upload your latest csv file.

Step 4: Once you're ready, click on 'Send'

Step 5: Last select 'Invite Member' and then 'Continue'

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