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Import CampusKnot Points to Canvas
Import CampusKnot Points to Canvas

This article gives you step-by-step instructions on how to upload CampusKnot Points to Canvas

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STEP 1: Create an assignment with the name 'Participation' or 'CampusKnot.'

  1. Go to assignments > select " + Assignment"

2. Name your assignment in the top box.

2. Points - Set the number of points the assignment is worth. If ungraded, enter "0."

  • Display Grade As - Select the type of grade that shows up in the gradebook and on the students' view. We recommend using points or percentages.

4. Download your CampusKnot points following these steps.

STEP 2: After Downloading the CampusKnot Points Export your Canvas Grades

  1. In Canvas, click Grades> Actions > Export> CSV File

2. Open the CSV file in Excel.

3. Remove all columns except the initial non-grade student record columns. These will be:

  • Student Name

  • Student Username

  • SIS Login ID (this is usually the student email)

  • SIS User ID (Only if you have it)

  • Section

4. Delete any other columns not listed above EXCEPT the column with the name 'CampusKnot' or 'Participation.'

6. Make sure you have both CSV files opened (CampusKnot and Canvas)

7. Copy the scores from your CampusKnot CSV directly into the Canvas CSV under the 'CampusKnot' or 'Participation' column.

8. Save this as a new file under a name you will recognize for easy uploading.

STEP 3: Import CampusKnot Grades to Canvas

  1. In Canvas, click Grades> Actions > Import> CSV File

  2. Choose your updated CSV file and click Upload Data

If you're experiencing issues while transferring your grades, such as:

  • Students don't match: Check that your Canvas roster and CampusKnot student members match the CampusKnot members list. Please contact your CampusKnot representative for assistance.

  • Columns don't match: Only upload a single column per student.

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