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Import CampusKnot Points to Blackboard
Import CampusKnot Points to Blackboard

This article gives you step-by-step instructions on how to upload CampusKnot Points to Blackboard

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STEP 1: Download your CampusKnot Points.

STEP 2: Access the Full Grade Center and Select Data to Download

  1. Select 'Grade Center' and click on 'Full Grade Center'

2. Inside the Full Grade Center, select 'Work Offline' then click 'Download'

3. Inside 'Data,' select the 'Full Grade Center' option. Inside Options, select the delimiter type as 'tab' and select 'no' under the 'include hidden information' option. Make the 'Save Location' set to 'My computer'

4. Once ready, press the 'Download' button and save the file on the computer.

STEP 3: Edit the Spreadsheet

1. Create a new column. Copy/paste the CampusKnot points from step 1 in the new column.

2. Save your new spreadsheet with the new points

STEP 4: Import CampusKnot Grades to Blackboard

  1. In Blackboard, click Work Offline in the upper right corner of the main Grade Center page.

  2. Select Upload from the drop-down menu.

  3. Press the Browse button.

  4. Select the file on your computer. Make sure you selected a delimited file with .txt extension or a file with .csv extension.

  5. Click Open.

  6. Select the Delimiter Type: Auto. Auto will attempt to automatically detect the delimiter used in the selected file.

  7. Click Submit to upload the selected file.

  8. Review the list of data from the file to be uploaded. Use the check boxes to deselect any data to be excluded from the upload. Using this method, it is possible to upload only the desired columns of data from the spreadsheet.

  9. Review the Data Preview column to ensure the correct data is being uploaded. Data that appears incorrect can denote an improperly formatted file. The Data Preview will only show a sample of the data in each column in the file.

  10. Click Submit to confirm and upload the file.

If you're experiencing issues while transferring your grades, please email us at

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