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Import CampusKnot Points to Moodle
Import CampusKnot Points to Moodle

This article gives you step-by-step instructions on how to upload CampusKnot Points to Moodle

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STEP 1: Download your CampusKnot Points.

STEP 2: Inside Moodle

  1. In Moodle, go to Grades.

  2. From the drop-down menu, choose "Selective import... CampusKnot file".

  3. Upload your file.

  4. Use Moodle's grade mapping options to map the data appropriately, then click Map Graded Items.

  5. Select your chosen import format from the gradebook dropdown menu.

STEP 3: Import Grades

  1. Browse and upload your previously saved file.

  2. Set options as required.

  3. Click the "Upload grades" button.

  4. CSV import only: Preview the grade import and choose the column mapping then click the "Upload grades" button to complete the grade import.

    1. Tip: By default "Map from" is set to First Name, and "Map to" to userid. Change both dropdowns to: "Email Address" to "useremail", or to "Id Number" to "useridnumber" (assuming that your users have ID number fields filled in in their profiles).

    2. Tip: Unlike in most email programs, email addresses are case sensitive in grade import files. (This should eventually be fixed as per MDL-29315.)

You need two permissions to import grades: (1) general permission to import grades and (2) permission to import grades in a particular format. For example, to import CSV grades you need moodle/grade:import ("Import grades") = Allow and gradeimport/csv:view ("Import grades from CSV") = Allow

If you're experiencing issues while transferring your grades, please email us at

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