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Poll Guide (Instructors)

Learn how to create polls

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Polls can be a way to encourage students who might not normally participate to get involved in class discussions πŸŽ‰.

Explore πŸ”Ž the 'More' tab options

Add life to your Poll

Poll Types and when to use them

Multiple Choice Polls: A type of poll that presents participants with a list of options to choose from and allows them to select only one option as their answer. Multiple choice polls are often used to gather data or to assess understanding, as they allow respondents to quickly and easily provide their answers

Open-Ended Polls: A type of poll that allows participants to provide a written response rather than selecting from a pre-determined list of options. Open-ended polls are often used to gather more detailed or qualitative data, as they allow respondents to express their own thoughts and opinions in their own words.

Word-Cloud Polls: A type of poll that visually represents the frequency or importance of words or phrases used in a set of responses. Word clouds are created by displaying each word in a text in a font size proportional to its frequency or importance.

Adding Points:

Inside Campusknot, you can award students points based on:

  1. Selecting/ Submitting the correct answer: Automatically grade your students' submissions. This option is only available with the Multiple Choice poll type.

2. Selecting/Submitting an answer: Automatically award points when students make submissions (no matter if the answer is right or wrong). This option is only available with the Multiple Choice, Open-ended, and Word-Cloud poll types.

3. Award Partial Credit: By awarding partial credit, instructors can recognize the effort and progress made by the student and encourage them to continue trying. This option is only available with Multiple Choice poll type.

Hide Question

An instructor can choose whether or not to display a particular question on students' devices. When a question is hidden, it prevents those not in class from seeing your question.


This is what a 'Hide Question' looks like on your student's screen:

View Submissions

To view student submissions, click on 'submitted by...' located in the bottom right corner of your screen.

Explore πŸ”Ž the 'More' tab options:

  1. Anonymous Toggle: Inside the 'More tab,' toggle on the 'Anonymous' option to make your poll responses anonymous to you.

  • Why choose the Anonymous Poll option? An Anonymous Poll keeps respondents' identities undisclosed. The purpose of an anonymous poll is to allow people to share their opinions or views freely without fear of retribution or backlash.

2. Allow Edits Toggle: Inside the 'More tab,' toggle on the 'Allow Edits' option to allow students the right to edit their response up to the poll end time.

  • Why choose the 'Allow Edits' option? Editing allows students to take ownership of their learning. By allowing students to edit and revise their work, you can help them feel more invested in the learning process and give them a sense of agency over their own education.

3. Live Poll Toggle: Allows instructors to overtake the students' screens during class. Take a look πŸ‘‡

  • Why choose the 'Live Poll' option? Allow students to submit feedback faster without relying on notifications or in-app messaging.

Add life to your Poll

Text Editor:

Overall, text editors are a useful tool for anyone who needs to create or edit plain text files, particularly for writing code or creating simple documents.

  1. Add Chem Equations

  2. Add Math Equations


Attach images & videos:

Click on the paperclip πŸ“Ž icon. Don't forget you can attach images or MP4 videos (up to 2 GB) inside a poll and inside the poll options.

Selecting a correct answer (Multiple Choice options only):

Inside CampusKnot, you can select more than one option as correct.


Inside CampusKnot, you can select between seconds, minutes, hours, and days.

The length of time you allow participants to answer a poll will depend on the specific needs and goals of your poll. Here are a few things to consider when determining the length of time to allow for responses:

  1. The complexity of the poll: If your poll has a lot of questions or requires more thought to answer, you may want to allow more time for participants to respond. On the other hand, if your poll is short and straightforward, you may not need as much time (3-5 minutes).

  2. The size of the audience: If you have a large audience, you may want to allow more time for responses to ensure everyone has a chance to participate (2-3 minutes).

  3. The purpose of the poll: If you are using the poll to gather quick feedback or get a snapshot of opinions at a particular moment, you may want to keep the response window shorter (1-2 minutes). If you are trying to gather more in-depth responses or gather data over a longer period of time, you may want to allow more time for responses.

⚠️ If you're posting a poll outside of class, we recommend you set the duration to days instead of minutes.

Share a poll across multiple sections

  1. On the bottom right corner of your poll, click on the '+' icon

  2. Select the classes you want to share the poll with

Create or Select a Tag

What are tags? Tags are labels or keywords that are used to describe or categorize something.

  • Create a tag:

    1. To create a tag, click on the 'add new tag' section

    2. Type your new tag; this can be a chapter or section name you are covering for the semester

    3. Once you've typed the name of your new tag, click on '+' and select 'Close'

  • Select a tag: To select a tag, please click on the circle located next to your tag

Save as Draft, Schedule, or Post Now

  • Start by selecting the save button, then choose between:

  1. Post now: Publish your poll and make it available to your students immediately.

  2. Schedule poll: This allows you to schedule a poll in the future. Once you schedule a poll, the system will be responsible for publishing the poll on the day and time you selected.

    1. To check the time your poll will go out, simply hover over the tag status

3. Save as draft: Use the "save as draft" feature to save your poll without publishing it. This option allows you to publish your poll when you're ready during a class.

Edit Polls

  • You can edit your CampusKnot poll at any point.

    1. Select the three-dot icon on the top right corner of your poll and make the changes you need.


    2. If your poll has ended, you can still edit the entire poll except for the poll type.

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