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How to limit the right to create posts inside the Feeds?
How to limit the right to create posts inside the Feeds?
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Inside CampusKnot course administrators can limit the frequency and ability for course members to post inside the Feeds.

Why limit posting rights?

Limiting users from creating their own posts for a large audience can be necessary depending on the specific context and goals of the use of the Feeds. Here are some reasons to consider:

  • Quality control: Limiting user-generated content helps maintain a higher overall quality of discussions.

  • Moderation: It can be challenging to effectively moderate a large audience. By limiting user posts, you can reduce the burden on moderators (TAs and faculty).

⚡️ This setting is recommended for larger classes.

Heads up: Only the course creator can change course settings.

  1. Navigate to the settings section of the course

  2. Select the 'Permissions' tab inside the course settings option

  3. Under the 'Members' option course creators can:

    • Allow or limit course members (non-administrators) to create posts, comment on posts, edit their own posts/comments, and view AI summaries.

  4. To turn off the ability for students to post questions, you can toggle off the first option on the list 'Create posts'.

This option will only prevent students from creating their own posts/ prompts inside the Feeds.

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