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Adjust workspace notifications
Adjust workspace notifications

Learn how to change your workspace notifications

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Cevoid offers several automated emails to keep your team updated on what happens in your Workspace.

There are five different e-mail notifications you can receive from Cevoid:

  • Weekly summary - When enabled, you’ll receive a weekly update every Tuesday on all the latest data (e.g., in how many posts your brand has been tagged or mentioned, how many times your galleries have been viewed, how many requests have been sent, and more)

  • Approved request - Get notified when an Instagram rights request has been approved.

  • Scheduled posts in draft - If a scheduled post is a draft, you'll get a notification the day before it’s supposed to be published.

  • Scheduled post is published - Get a notification when a scheduled post has been published.

  • Scheduled post failed to publish - Be notified when a scheduled post fails to be published.

To access and adjust your notifications:

  1. Navigate to Settings

  2. Click Notifications

  3. Toggle the buttons next to each notification setting you to wish to enable or disable

  4. Click Save changes on the top right corner

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