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The Admins Tab tracks an organization’s platform administrators. This location centralizes information about the member, their volunteering activity, and access level within the administrative dashboard. This tab is only visible to super admins.

A record found within this tab will display the admin's first and last name, email, join date, and role.

For individuals found under the Admins tab, there are four status levels: applicant, member, admin, and super admin.

An applicant is an individual who has applied to be part of the Admins group and is yet to be approved. They do not have access to any administrative features.

A member is the default status of newly-added admin. Those in the admin tab with nothing listed as their role are members. A member has the same access as a regular volunteer. They do not have access to the administrator dashboard or any additional features or privileges. Access only includes mobile tracking.

An admin is the second tier of member status. In addition to mobile tracking, an admin can access the every tab within the Civic Champs platform except the Admins and Donation tabs. They also have access to administrator features (such as admin check-in, kiosk mode, and opportunity creation) found within the Civic Champs app.

The final and highest status is super admin. A super admin has all the rights of an admin and a member but has the added ability to manage the Admins and Donation tabs. They can control donation campaigns, and they can add, edit roles of, and delete members in the Admins tab. There are typically 1-2 super admins per organization, typically consisting of head volunteer coordinators.

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