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Guide to the Mobile App
Guide to the Mobile App
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The Civic Champs mobile app provides volunteers and administrators alike a variety of tools - such as logging hours, checking-in to events, and viewing personal and organizational calendars, among others - at their fingertips.

Note: The Civic Champs mobile app will ask to have access to the user's location. This is only for checking-in and checking-out at geofences. The Civic Champs team does not keep record of any user's location. Ensure that, when downloading the app, you turn location services on for full functionality and ease of use. You may also select Only When Using the App, though this may limit the app's ability to automatically recognize that you are at a volunteer site.

For volunteers, the home page of the app looks like this:

For administrators, the view is a bit different:

The volunteer and administrator versions of the app differ in terms of functionality.

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