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Guide to the Opportunities Tab
Guide to the Opportunities Tab
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The Opportunities Tab tracks the address locations that we place virtual perimeters, or geofences, around. This tab displays information about the location volunteers are checking in-and-out of via their mobile app or the kiosk. A record found within this tab will display the location's name, event start date, event end, hours, and check-ins.

Opportunities are created every time an event is created. Additionally, longstanding opportunities can exist at a location regardless of an event (e.g., if there is a site that you go to every day outside of formal events, that can be a longstanding opportunity). At this time, org admin can now create longstanding opportunities from the platform!

At the top of the page, a composite analysis of opportunities' data is displayed. The key data points include: the number of opportunities, the total hours volunteered at opportunities, and the average hours spent at an opportunity. This is a dynamic analysis, dependent on the time frame selected in your date-picker in the upper righthand corner.

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