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Creating a Custom Volunteer Group
Creating a Custom Volunteer Group
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Follow along with the video above to learn about how to create a custom volunteer group.

Admins have the ability to create custom volunteer groups using the Groups feature. In order to do so, first select the Add Group button on top of the information.

You will be taken to the following Group creation page. In the Name box, input the name you would like to attribute to your group (e.g., Construction Volunteers, Shelter Volunteers). This is a required field.

You may also add a description of your group for easier organizational processes.

Finally, you will want to determine if your group will be an open or a limited group. Open groups do not require admin approval to join; all applicants are automatically submitted. Limited groups require admin approval to join. Every applicant will need to be reviewed and approved before entry into the group.

Once you have finished, select Submit to create your new group.

As an example: Here, I have created a new group called "Pittsburgh Volunteer Crew", as well as a description of who is in this group. I have also made it a limited group, so that I have ultimate control over who is part of this group.

After I hit submit, I have now successfully created my group and can access it on my Groups tab.

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