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Creating Family or Group Volunteer Accounts
Creating Family or Group Volunteer Accounts
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When you need track a volunteer family or group of volunteers in Civic Champs, you have options! But first you'll need to ask yourself:

Do you need to track the contributions of each individual who is part of a group or the group as a whole?

Here's how to approach each option:

Option 1: I need to track each individual volunteer's hours separately from their group or family.

  • To accomplish this, each family or group member will need an individual Civic Champs account with a unique username.

  • Pro tip: Add variations to one email address to create multiple volunteer accounts tied to the same email address. For example, I could add +Emma to my email address ( if I need to create an account for Emma but she doesn't have an email address of her own. Adding +name before the @ sign in an email address tricks the system into thinking you've entered a unique username, but all communications directed to the +name email will be redirected to the original email address.

Option 2: I'd like to track a group as a whole - they don't need to have individual accounts.

In this scenario, you can create a group volunteer account. Here's how:

  1. Navigate to the Champions > Overview tab and click +Add Champion.

  2. Enter a unique email or phone number for the group (typically the email of a group leader or parent).

  3. Enter a name such as "Smith Family" or "Starbucks Group" into the volunteer name field.

  4. Navigate to the Activity Log and click +Add Activity.

  5. Enter a total number of hours contributed by the group or family for the event.

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