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Managing Event Information and Registrations
Managing Event Information and Registrations
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Follow along with the video to learn how to manage event information and registrations mobile app.

The mobile app allows admins to view their upcoming event schedule, as well as any specific details regarding an event and its registrations. To access this, ensure you are on admin mode in the app. This can be done by selecting the person icon in the lower righthand corner and choosing Admin.

Viewing Your Event Schedule

To view the upcoming events for your organization, select the Events icon from the bottom menu on your admin homescreen.

You will be presented with a 7-day schedule of your upcoming events. In this view, you can see the date, time, title, and address of your events. You may also begin check-in on your homescreen for events happening within the next 24 hours by selecting the blue Check-Ins icon next to them.

Select Next 7 days to view the next week's events as well. This can be repeated to view as into the future as you would like.

Viewing Event Information and Registrations

From your event schedule, you can tap any event to access its Event Details page.

On its Event Details page, you can see the date, time, title, location, and registrations for an event.

If you scroll further down the page, you will see that registrations is split up into two tabs: Shifts and People. Shifts lists the different shifts for the event, including their times and roles, and attaches the registered champion. People lists all registered champions for the event, regardless of shift or role.

Viewing Registered Volunteers' Information

From the Event Details page, you can also view contact information about the registered champions. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to the Shifts and the People tabs. Tap on the champion whose information you would like to view. You will be presented with their email and/or phone number. You can also check-in and check-out champions for a specific event from this screen by selecting the Check In/Check Out button at the bottom.

Messaging an Event's Registered Champions

Admins have the ability on their app to message one or more champions that have registered for an event. These messages can be emails, which are free, or SMS messages, which are given via paid credits.

Whichever message sends depends on (1) whether your organization has text credits (contact the Customer Success team to inquire how to purchase them) and (2) whether your champion(s) have an email or phone number registered in the platform. If they have both, the platform will send to their email.

To begin messaging, go to the Event Details page. Select the Message button next to Registrations.

On the next screen, type the message you would like to send to the champion(s) in the Send Message box.

Once you have finished typing your desired message, choose which champion(s) you would like to message under Registrations. You can send messages to as many champions as you desire. Recipients will have a checkmark next to their name. When everything looks as desired, tap Send to send the message(s).

The next screen will confirm the messages sent and to whom. Tap Okay to return to your app.

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