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Finding/Registering for Events from Current and New Organizations
Finding/Registering for Events from Current and New Organizations
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Follow along with the video above to learn how to find volunteer opportunities for new or current organizations.

The Civic Champs app allows you to look for volunteer events both from organizations you have volunteered with before and from new nearby organizations.

To begin, select Discover on the bottom menu of the homescreen.

Your Discovery page will automatically show only your organizations, meaning organizations for which you are already a registered volunteer. To adjust this and include new organizations, select Filter.

Using the filter, you can choose to either look at only your organizations (My Volunteering) or search for any Civic Champs-registered organizations within a 5- , 10- , and 20-mile radius.

Once you have selected a radius, new organizations will appear in yellow, while your organizations will appear in white. You can scroll through these organizations, and, if one piques your interest, you can tap the organization to go directly to its calendar.

Its calendar will have a similar layout to your Schedule. Scroll up and down to go through various months and dates for events. For more information on an event and to register for it, click on the event.

You will be taken to the Event Details page. Here, you will see the date, time, event title, location, and description for the event. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and you will see the Register button. If you would like to register for the event, click it.

Once you select Register, you will be redirected to your web browser, where you can select your shift(s) and role(s) and finalize your registration. When you have finished, select Register. You may be taken through additional steps by the organizations (e.g., waivers or questionnaires), but once you have signed or filled those out, you will be registered for that volunteer event.

The event will now appear on your Schedule!

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