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Managing Your Schedule and Event Registrations
Managing Your Schedule and Event Registrations
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The app provides easy ways to view your schedule and information about the events you are registered for.

Viewing Your Schedule and Specific Events

Your schedule is the list of events you are registered to volunteer at. There are two ways to access your schedule:

  1. Select the Schedule icon in the bottom menu of your homescreen.

  2. Click on the hamburger menu in the upper lefthand corner of the homescreen. Then, choose Schedule from the list.

Your schedule will look similar to the one below. It will be separated by month. Scroll up and down to comb through the months and view all of your events.

In this view, you will be able to see the date, time, organization, event title, and shift you have signed up for. For more information about a specific event, select the event that you would like to see.

You will be taken to an Event Details page like the one below. It includes the date, time, organization, event title, and location of the event. It also displays the shifts and roles you have registered for. If you scroll further, you will find the point of contact for the event as well as a link to unregister for the event if you need to do so.

Contacting an Event Organizer

The point of contact for an event should be listed on the Event Details page, as well as in any email communications you have received regarding the event. To contact an event's point of contact directly from the Civic Champs app, scroll to their name on the Event Details page. They will likely have an email address or phone number listed

In this example, they have an email address, so I select Email. If there had been a phone number, I would have selected it to directly call the number.

If you decide to select their email, the email client is on your phone so that you can easily reach out to your event organizer. Type in your message, and send.

Unregistering for an Event

If necessary, you have the ability to unregister from an event using the Civic Champs app.

To unregister from an event, go to its Event Details page and scroll to the bottom. Select Unregister for this event to cancel your registration.

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