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Checking In and Out of a Location or Event Onsite
Checking In and Out of a Location or Event Onsite
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Follow along with the video above to learn how to check in and out of an event or location.

The Civic Champs mobile app makes it easy for you to check in and out of a volunteer location or event with just a few taps on your phone.

Note: This feature of the app requires access to your location, at least while the app is open (ideally, always). The app does not track or record your location. It only uses your location to recognize any volunteer events or opportunities nearby.

It also works best when notification services turned on, as Civic Champs can alert you when you are near a volunteer event or opportunity.

Checking In

When you are onsite for a volunteer event, open your Civic Champs app, and select the blue Check In button on your homescreen.

The next screen will display all available events and opportunities near you. Select which one you would like to check into.

You will return to your homescreen, only now there will be a timer with your organization's name keeping track of how long you are volunteering, as well as an orange Check Out button. You are officially checked in.

Checking Out

When you are finished completing your volunteer work, return to your Civic Champs app homescreen, and tap the orange Check Out button underneath your timer.

The next screen should feature your organization's name at the top. Below that will be the length of time that you have been volunteering, with your Check-In and Check-Out times featured. Double check that those times are correct; if not, select the orange boxes to change them. Underneath the boxes will be a dropdown list for you to select your activity. Finally, if applicable, enter your group name or number. Once you have input this information, select Next.

The next screen will ask you for feedback about your experience. If you would like, provide a written reflection about your experience volunteering, and/or select the emoji face that best represents how you are feeling. This can provide valuable feedback to your organization. Once finished, select Finish Check Out.

The volunteering data will now be shown in your Activity Log.

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