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Can ClassCover de-activate my teacher profile?
Can ClassCover de-activate my teacher profile?

When does my profile become de-activated?

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It is important that we provide schools with updated data to ensure our system remains efficient and effective.

ClassCover will disable any teacher profiles that have not been active for a period of 3 months. An inactive profile means that there have been no bookings made by schools on that profile and no updates (including availability information) or log in's for that particular profile in that time frame.

The process for deactivation is as follows:

1.      Teachers with an inactive profile are contacted via email at least 4 weeks ahead of a defined cut-off date

2.     Teachers are required to provide a response if they wish to keep their profile active. This is a good opportunity for teachers that are unavailable for a larger period of time to update their availability information

3.     A second reminder email is sent 2 weeks prior to the cut-off date along with a survey for reasons you do or do not still need the profile

4.     If no response is received by ClassCover by the cut-off date, the profile will be deactivated

5.     Notification of deactivation will be provided via email, including steps to reactivate if and when necessary (see below).

How to reactivate your account?

A profile can be reactivated at any time by simply logging in with the credentials previously used. All historic data and profile information will remain the same as at the time of deactivation.

What about RTA members who signed up to ClassCover to access PD?

You will still have access to the RTA PD on OpenLearning by signing in with the credentials you used to sign up with ClassCover. We will also include you in all other RTA communications until you are no longer a member.

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