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How to hide inactive profiles

Cleaning your list and ensuring you are not booking inactive teachers

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This new function will now prompt the school to highlight teachers that have not updated their availability and have not been booked by that school for 8 weeks. The school can then choose either make the profiles inactive or continue to engage with them.

Step by Step guide:

1. A pop-up as shown in the below screenshot will be presented to the school after they have logged in. The below screenshot shows that the Teacher 2 hasn’t updated their availability in the past 8 weeks.

2. Please select the list of teachers (enabling tick sign next to Teachers name) that needs to be made Inactive and click “Make Selected profiles Inactive”.

3. In the next page please select “Confirm” to make the teacher profile inactive.

By following the above steps, the teacher profile will not show up on the Booking Request or Pre-confirmed booking page.

To reactive the teacher’s profile, please select “My Teachers” and click on the grey star next to the teachers name to reactivate the teacher’s profile

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