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Schools: Managing your teachers on ClassCover
How to clean up and refresh your teacher list
How to clean up and refresh your teacher list

Get success out of ClassCover by ensuring a healthy teacher list. Here's how.

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Having a healthy teacher list on ClassCover is key to successful booking outcomes. Lists with large amounts of inactive and unresponsive teachers will result in unfilled bookings and a high rate of non-responses to your requests.

Step 1: Get a quick overview of your teacher list health

Head over to your My Teachers page to check out your Teacher List Health Checker.

If you have a high rate of inactive teachers, then it's time to do some spring cleaning!

Step 2: Find out who is no longer an active teacher on your list

You can do this in several ways:

Filter by inactive in My Teachers or use the Hide Inactive Teachers feature

A casual teacher is deemed inactive if they have not logged in, responded to a job request or updated availability for 90 days.

Filter by inactive via the filter options or click on Hide Inactive Teachers to view them.

Go by ‘Active’ time

You can see how active teachers are by viewing ‘Active’ which will show you when this teacher was last seen on ClassCover. If they are showing over 3+ months, then they may no longer be relief teaching. All teachers have this information in their teacher preview.

Step 3: Take action on inactive teachers

By using the Hide Inactive Teachers feature, you can choose to turn them into grey stars which hides them from booking requests.

If you filter by inactive, then you can bulk suspend, bulk delete or send out a bulk message asking if they are still available to teach at your school. Learn more about the new message feature.

Step 4: Refresh your teacher list

You can easily rebuild and refresh your list by using the tools available to you on ClassCover.

Check your Pending Requests

Head over to the pending requests tab on ClassCover. This can be accessed on both the desktop and mobile app version where you can review and approve in a few clicks.

On average, there are 14,000 instances of teachers and other casual staff requesting to join a schools list each month. You likely have some pending now.

Post a casual call out on ClassCover Jobs

ClassCover Jobs gives you the option to post a call out to get casual teachers to apply to be on your list to book for work.

This is another way you can build your casual relief teacher list outside of using Find New Teachers.

Once a teacher has applied, you can view their ClassCover profile and cover letter and auto-add them to your list with the click of a button.

Use Find New Teachers to add new teachers near you

You can search through our large database of relief teachers near you via our Find Teachers search. This can be done on both the browser and app version of ClassCover.

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